Cosmetic vs. Medical Vein Treatments

As any medical student will tell you, not all veins are created equal. Likewise, not all vein disorders are treated the same, either. From spider veins to varicose veins, treatment at a vein clinic in Chicago will focus on providing relief. Vein treatments fall into one of two categories: cosmetic or medical vein treatment. To learn more about these vein treatments, keep reading.

Cosmetic Treatment
Cosmetic treatment is often sought out by men and women suffering from spider veins. While spider veins are generally irritating and embarrassing, they are not something that poses a significant medical threat. Spider veins are usually inherited from your parents and are simply small veins that have begun pooling blood instead of pumping it back into the main leg veins. Sclerotherapy is a cosmetic treatment that can be used to eliminate the appearance of the spider veins and is performed in many Chicago vein treatment centers.

Medical Vein Treatment
For more serious vein issues like varicose veins, treatment will be medical in nature instead of purely cosmetic. Varicose vein treatment is used to relieve the painful pressure that builds up in these veins. While surgery used to be the only option, vein clinics around Chicago are now offering non-invasive medical laser treatment.

When you are seeking out a vein clinic in Chicago, it’s important that you check out which treatments they offer. Some clinics are specially designed to treat cosmetic vein issues like spider veins while other clinics focus on varicose vein treatment. At the Chicago Vein Institute, you will benefit from a range of non-surgical cosmetic and medical vein treatments. Our experienced doctor and whole staff are able to help with sclerotherapy, compression stockings, and a variety of varicose vein treatments. Contact us today to learn more or to schedule an appointment.