A Doppler Ultrasound At The Chicago Vein Institute Is Not As Complex As You Think!

A physical assessment of your vein problem is one of the things you can expect during your initial assessment of varicose veins or any other vein-related disorder at our St. Louis vein diagnosis and treatment practice. You will also be asked to describe symptoms in detail such as cramping and itchiness.

Furthermore, a more detailed diagnostic exam may be ordered — the color Doppler ultrasound. This procedure is often done to detect blockages in your veins. Treatment will then be ordered based on the results of the ultrasound.

Don’t let the strange-sounding name fool you into believing that the procedure is complex. In fact, the entire procedure just lasts for roughly 90 minutes, that already includes the before-and-after parts of your ultrasound appointment.

So what happens during the procedure?

By and large, some clear jelly will be squirted into the insides of your thighs to make the ultrasound sensor glide easily. As the doctor or technician glides the sensor to your thighs and the rest of your leg area — from the groin to the calf, an image will appear on the video screen. Blockages via clots or pooling of blood will then be seen on the screen. Both legs will be visualized.

In general, there is no pain associated with the procedure, unless you have considerable swelling in your legs which could cause tenderness when the sensor is placed.

A Special Note on Nicotine Use Before the Procedure

Although there may be no restrictions on diet and exercise, you will be advised to stop smoking or any products that contain nicotine 30 minutes to 2 hours before the procedure. Specific instructions will be provided during consultation.

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