Your New Year’s Resolution: Get Your Legs Healthy

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  • 1.Your New Year’s Resolution: Get Your Legs Healthy

New Year’s resolutions can be great motivators to make life changes. Certainly, getting healthier is on many people’s lists, and that’s a good thing for a lot of reasons. Not only does taking better care of yourself benefit your overall health, it can help improve your leg and vein health, too. Here are a few ways to help your legs look and feel healthier:

  • Eat well – Eating a well-balanced diet can help maintain healthy leg veins.
  • Move a little – You don’t have to be a “gym rat” to strengthen your legs and improve blood circulation. Try walking, jogging or dancing your way to healthier legs!
  • Hit your healthy weight – Getting to the healthy weight for you can help you avoid varicose veins, or if you already have them, may improve the condition.
  • Protect your skin – Extensive sun exposure and heat can cause spider veins and varicose veins to worsen in the summer. Never leave the house without applying sunscreen on your legs and other exposed areas.
  • Become a non-smoker – Smokers are at a higher risk for vascular and vein diseases than non-smokers. And even being around a smoker can damage your body’s vascular system.
  • Put the pressure on – Wearing compression stockings during the day can help improve blood circulation and relieve some symptoms of varicose veins. Ask your doctor about them!

Healthy legs, and a healthier you, start here

Living a positive, healthy lifestyle can do wonders for your leg health. But if you’re bothered by the discomfort of varicose veins or spider veins, the right treatment can relieve that discomfort and restore your confidence. At Chicago Vein Institute, giving more people access to leading edge vein treatment in Chicago is our passion and our purpose. Led by board-certified phlebologist Dr. Mensur O. Sunje, our caring and skilled team of specialists practice the very latest, minimally invasive procedures to treat a range of vein problems. Our experience in performing thousands of successful vein procedures is just one reason we’re the preferred vein institute of Chicago. Let us create a customized treatment plan for your healthy legs today.

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