Do You Need Laser Vein Removal?

Some occurrences of varicose veins can be incredibly painful and should be taken care of in order to get relief. Your doctor can tell you, based on several factors, if you may be a candidate for laser vein removal as a treatment for varicose veins.

Are You a Candidate for Laser Vein Removal?

Laser vein removal treatments have become increasingly popular recently because they are relatively pain-free and can be done in an outpatient setting, with minimal down-time needed. In order to be considered a good candidate for laser vein removal, there are a few criteria that will need to be met. Laser vein removal treatments are more successful with individuals who do not smoke. The affected veins should ideally be the spider veins that are closest to the surface of the skin. A person’s skin color and tone, and whether or not they have a tendency to form keloid scars, will also be a factor in whether or not they can receive laser vein removal. The type of laser vein removal treatment you will receive will depend on what type of varicose veins you have.

Laser Vein Removal for Spider Veins

One of the most appealing things about laser vein removal for spider veins is the fact that it is not invasive, and can be done quickly. In fact, the appointment can often be scheduled during a patient’s lunch break. The laser used during the procedure is incredibly accurate and precise, so there is no worry about hitting the wrong vein. During the procedure, the laser light will pass through the skin, sending pulses of concentrated energy into the vein. This is done without causing any damage to the skin or tissue around the affected area. The concentrated light is absorbed by the blood that has collected in the faulty vein, which causes the blood to heat up, shrinking the vein. Laser vein removal for spider veins does not require any incisions or injections, but it still may take more than one treatment to completely eradicate the problem.

Laser Vein Removal for Deeper Veins

If you are suffering from varicose veins that are deeper or more complex than the spider veins closer to the surface of the skin, you will need a laser vein removal treatment that is a little bit more invasive, but it can still be done. This type of treatment will include an incision and the insertion of a small tube that will allow the doctor to direct the laser light into the blood vessels. Doctors use anesthesia to minimize any pain or discomfort during the procedure, and the recovery (or down-time) period is very minimal.