What Is Sclerotherapy?

Sclerotherapy is a nonsurgical, minimally invasive treatment for spider veins and branching veins. There are two different types of sclerotherapy: ultrasound-guided sclerotherapy and surface sclerotherapy. Ultrasound-guided sclerotherapy is part of a medical treatment plan. Surface sclerotherapy is a cosmetic procedure used to treat the spider veins and other small veins visible on the skin’s surface. During these treatments, a sclerosing agent is injected into the vein, irritating the vein wall and causing it to close.

If I have veins on the surface of my skin, what does that mean?

The veins on the surface of the skin tell us NOTHING. More than 60% of patients with spider veins have an underlying medical condition. The only way to know if there is an underlying medical condition is to have a color Doppler ultrasound performed. After the ultrasound is performed, we customize the treatment plan for the patient so they get the best results, medically and cosmetically.

Do I have to get treatment for my veins?

Even though many people think that vein problems are purely cosmetic concerns, many cases require medical treatment. If left untreated, varicose veins and spider veins can cause chronic venous insufficiency, blood clots, phlebitis, venous ulcers, skin changes and symptoms that could interfere with daily activities.

What if I only want the cosmetic treatment?

If you treat the spider veins with surface sclerotherapy without having the underlying medical condition treated effectively, those veins will return. To get maximum medical and cosmetic results, surface sclerotherapy should only be performed either after all medical treatments have been completed, or if the patient has only a cosmetic problem.

Who can perform sclerotherapy?

Patients with spider veins should be cautious when choosing a specialist to treat their veins. While many other providers offer sclerotherapy treatments, it is very important to find a Phlebologist, or vein doctor, to perform vein treatments. Just as a vein doctor should not treat foot problems or acne, podiatrists, dermatologists and aestheticians should not treat veins.