Color Doppler Ultrasound in Chicago

Duplex ultrasound imaging is arguably the single most important advance in Phlebology, the medical discipline concerned with the veins. In order for veins to be treated properly, exact location of venous reflux needs to be identified and any contraindications to treatment need to be ruled out. At Chicago Vein Institute, our Registered Vascular Technologist (RVT) performs complete diagnostic evaluation of the deep and superficial venous systems to identify damaged veins and valves and pinpoint the location of venous reflux. We performed more than 700 complete ultrasound exams in 2013 alone.

The ultrasound is painless and noninvasive. Patients are required to wear loose clothing, which will be provided by Chicago Vein Institute. Patients can expect to the complete ultrasound appointment to last 90 minutes.

Regular surveillance, even after successful treatment, is important. Patients should return for a three-month and a six-month follow-up visit after treatment, and should schedule regular yearly follow-up ultrasound exams.

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