Preventing Vein Disease In Legs

  • Keep your legs elevated as much as possible, with your feet above your heart level to help the blood flow back to the heart.
  • Daily exercises such as walking, stair climbing, bicycling and swimming are all excellent exercises that also keep the blood in your calf muscle going. This can reduce pooling of your blood in the calf, and takes some pressure off the veins. At least 30 minutes of exercise per day is recommended.
  • Keep your legs in motion as much as possible and avoid periods of prolonged standing or sitting. When traveling, flex your ankles or take short walks to improve blood circulation.
  • Compression stockings can be used to aid blood flow by exerting counter pressure on the veins in your legs, ensuring the blood is flowing back to the heart properly. They are also useful in preventing deep blood clots from forming. Compression stockings are the most common conservative treatment. We recommend wearing them during long car rides or plane rides.
  • Find out what your ideal body weight is for your height and body type, and maintain that weight to reduce the extra stress on your legs.
  • Try to avoid situations where excessive heat is being applied to your legs, such as saunas, baths, and hot tubs. The heat may lead to increased vein distention, allowing for the blood to pool in your veins more easily.
  • Follow a low-salt, high-fiber diet to prevent any additional pressure on your veins that may result from water retention and constipation.

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