Laser Vein Treatment in Chicago

Varicose Vein Treatment: Then and Now

Before laser vein removal treatments were available, painful varicose veins were treated by stripping. Stripping is a surgical procedure which requires general anesthesia, a hospital stay and significant downtime. With new technologies and advances in medicine, vein doctors now have access to less invasive procedures that are not as painful and do not leave scars.

Treat Vein Disorders with Laser Vein Removal

There are a number of treatments available for varicose and spider vein removal. At Chicago Vein Institute, we use laser technology to treat the malfunctioning veins that cause varicose veins and spider veins. Our doctors have years of experience helping patients who suffer from vein diseases to recover their health and improve their cosmetic appearance. Laser treatment, when it is appropriate, is minimally invasive and does not require a hospital or outpatient admission. The treatment is done in office by one of our skilled phlebologists, and you should see and feel quick results after the recovery period.

Endovenous Laser Ablation Treatment

This laser vein removal treatment may be used on all skin types and is the most effective way to treat the underlying condition which causes varicose veins and spider veins. In this procedure a tiny incision allows a laser catheter to enter the vein. The laser heats up the catheter, sealing off the vein as the catheter exits the incision. Once the vein closes, blood flow is cut off from that vein. The blood will reroute to healthy veins, improving circulation. The body will eventually reabsorb the sealed vein, causing it to disappear.

Candidates for Laser Vein Removal

When you visit our Chicago office, a Registered Vascular Technologist will perform an ultrasound to evaluate the condition of your veins. Many people qualify for endovenous laser ablation, and with the short recovery period and minimally invasive procedure, it’s the perfect solution for many vein disorders.

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